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CLA Powder

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CLA Powder Benefits

Below are some most valuable benefits of this product:

  • 100% natural ingredient and suitable for vegetarians.
  • It works very effectively for the people who wants to burn extra fat.
  • Proven uses and formulation and is safe to use and have no negative effect on the body.
  • It is tasteless and can be added to any other food or supplement.

CLA Powder Drawbacks

  • No long term effect on the body.
  • As this is tasteless so mixing it with water is not much likable or most of the people find it of bad taste when mixed with water.

Dosage Instruction of CLA Powder

It is suggested to use once in a day and you can mix it with any other juice of supplements. You can mix 5g of this powder with 150-200 ml of water or other juice.

CLA Powder Precautions

The only precaution that you should take about this product is that you should not exceed the use of this product more than once a day and try to keep it in a cool place and out of reach of any children.

CLA Powder Side Effects

There is no un-natural ingredients and thus these products has no proven side effects.