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Quick Mass Loaded

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About the product
  • Gain Lean Body Mass Fast
  • Enhance Nutrient Uptake
  • Increase Calorie Activation
  • Quickmass® Loaded - Rapid Mass Gain Catalyst- 100% - Commanding Size Requires Scientifically Engineered Nutrients Built On Rock-Solid Research.
  • University Research- Based Science For Maximum Mass: Quickmass® Packs 1010 Mass-Building Calories Into Every Serving In Cold Water; No Milk Required! During One 8-Week Gold-Standard (Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled) Study Conducted At California State University, Test Subjects Provided The Same Calorie Content As 2 Servings Of Quickmass® Per Day Gained 4.5 Times As Much Fat-Free Mass And Increased Chest Size By 1 Inch.