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Yellow Thunder™ 60 Tabs

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Yellow Thunder: The Ultimate Ephedra Diet & Energy Aid!
APS products are well known for both their weight loss and increased energy applications. Many were disappointed when many retailers removed Ephedra products off of the shelves. However, there’s no mistaking the fact that Yellow Thunder® helps you lose weight faster, utilize more energy in your workouts, and define muscle mass.

Yellow Thunder® is first and foremost an energy booster. There are other products specifically designed for weight loss but this product is geared for energy. Yellow Thunder® will produce several hours of smooth efficient energy that keeps you alert and focused all day when utilizing the recommended twice daily protocol. Yellow Thunder is imperative for those dieting or looking for an impressive pre-workout boost. Yellow Thunder® by APS supplements acts as an ultimate energizer that gives you that lean physique you are looking for and an incredible jolt of energy! The unique Yellow Thunder® proprietary blend helps to improve energy levels while you are working out which consequently improves you’re length of time exercising. If you are looking for an explosive workout with high energy levels, leaner muscle mass, and better focus, Yellow Thunder® by APSsupplements is exactly what you need.

  • Delivers unparalleled weight loss!
  • Enjoy hours of boundless energy!
  • Delivers uniquely euphoric sense of well being!
  • Increases intensity and mental acuity!
  • Finally, the NEW APS IMPROVED Formula has arrived!

Take 1 caplet in the morning and 1 caplet in the afternoon. Do not exceed 3 caplets daily.